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Qualities of a Good Student

A good student is always equated to one who gets good grades. But is that all that a good student is? What is a good student, really? Is he someone who is the teacher’s pet? Someone who aces every test? Someone who has the smarts? Someone who knows how to play his cards? A good student is all this and more. ‘Coz you see, it’s not just about books and rote learning any more. Being a good student takes much more than that. In that way, there are certain qualities that make him a good student. In the following article, that is exactly what we shall be looking into – the qualities of a good student. These will help you understand what a good student is and what are the qualities that one needs to inculcate in order to become one.

Characteristics of a Successful Student

“Successful” is a very misleading word. Many would want to equate it to being successful only in terms of studies, but it also encompasses other qualities. Let us look through these qualities of a good student in the following section.

  • Knowledgeable
  • Hard Working
  • Organized
  • Sincere
  • Work Smart
  • Able to Mold

A good student is not a good student only because he is good at studies, but also because he is an over all performer. With all these qualities, he is able to produce positive results in all fields of work that include sports, co-curricular activities and studies. The importance of these qualities is seen not only in the way they mold good students but also in the way that they are able to transcend good students into good citizens. And that is where their success lies. To read more about the fields which decide whether a student is good or not refer to my document Qualities of a Good Student, Try to improve on these fields and you will automatically be considered to be a good student.