Little Princess

It is said that, “A diamond is forever!” Of course it is, but if we speak with reference to metallic objects, a platinum jewelry is surely a long lasting item. Reputed as one of the most expensive and precious metals, platinum is adorned in the form of wedding and engagement rings. Although the jewelry looks similar to silver or white gold, it is significantly way more expensive. The best way to know that you are buying the right stuff is to look for the stamp ‘950pt’ or ‘850pt’ on the inside of the jewelry. Also, a platinum ring would be twice as heavy as that of a white gold or silver of the same size.

Also known as the “little silver of the Pinto River”, this metal is known for its high density, malleability, ductility and resistance to corrosion. Also because the metal can significantly resist wear and protect itself from being tarnished, it is a popular choice for making fine jewelry. And all such properties of the metal, along with one of extremely high melting point, make it an asset for various industrial applications or projects. Given such properties, platinum jewelry is easy to care for, and does not require the aid of pricey tools or methods. The following information presents to you a few steps describing some easy ways to polish platinum jewelry.

How to Polish Platinum Jewelry at Home

Polishing platinum jewelry at home is no big deal. Here are some steps you need to follow:

O The first thing you need to ensure that your jewelry does not have any scratch marks over it. And if there are any, then you need to file the jewelry. First do it with a diagonal movement, and then file it again in the same manner, but in a direction perpendicular to the first.

O After filing, there may remain some file marks. Remove them using an abrasive paper; the finer the better.

O The surface of the jewelry must be reduced to a 600 grit finish on the bench.

O The next step is to burnish the platinum jewelry. Experts recommend the use of a polished tungsten burnisher. It can be done by hand, or tumbling devices.

O One thing you must ensure is that the surface of the burnisher is highly polished. This is because, if it is scratched, it would scratch the jewelry as well.

O Using oil of wintergreen keeps the burnisher from marring the platinum jewelry.

O The 8000 grit polishing compound is especially formulated for polishing platinum jewelry. It provides a fast and bright final polish.

O Finally, get a dry soft cloth. Place the jewelry in the cloth and gently run it between the fingers.

You can read the further polishing processes in my document Ways to Polish Platinum Jewelry it’s got a full detailed explanation on the process to polish any Platinum Jewelry

Even if after following the above ways to polish your platinum jewelry, scratches appear, then get it polished and cleaned by a qualified jeweler, at least twice a year. One of the worth mentioning qualities about platinum is that, unlike other precious metals like gold, it merely gets displaced on the surface when it scratched, and does not decrease in volume. And this is why, even after being worn for many years, a platinum jewelry rarely gets thin.


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