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It is said that, “A diamond is forever!” Of course it is, but if we speak with reference to metallic objects, a platinum jewelry is surely a long lasting item. Reputed as one of the most expensive and precious metals, platinum is adorned in the form of wedding and engagement rings. Although the jewelry looks similar to silver or white gold, it is significantly way more expensive. The best way to know that you are buying the right stuff is to look for the stamp ‘950pt’ or ‘850pt’ on the inside of the jewelry. Also, a platinum ring would be twice as heavy as that of a white gold or silver of the same size.

Also known as the “little silver of the Pinto River”, this metal is known for its high density, malleability, ductility and resistance to corrosion. Also because the metal can significantly resist wear and protect itself from being tarnished, it is a popular choice for making fine jewelry. And all such properties of the metal, along with one of extremely high melting point, make it an asset for various industrial applications or projects. Given such properties, platinum jewelry is easy to care for, and does not require the aid of pricey tools or methods. The following information presents to you a few steps describing some easy ways to polish platinum jewelry.

How to Polish Platinum Jewelry at Home

Polishing platinum jewelry at home is no big deal. Here are some steps you need to follow:

O The first thing you need to ensure that your jewelry does not have any scratch marks over it. And if there are any, then you need to file the jewelry. First do it with a diagonal movement, and then file it again in the same manner, but in a direction perpendicular to the first.

O After filing, there may remain some file marks. Remove them using an abrasive paper; the finer the better.

O The surface of the jewelry must be reduced to a 600 grit finish on the bench.

O The next step is to burnish the platinum jewelry. Experts recommend the use of a polished tungsten burnisher. It can be done by hand, or tumbling devices.

O One thing you must ensure is that the surface of the burnisher is highly polished. This is because, if it is scratched, it would scratch the jewelry as well.

O Using oil of wintergreen keeps the burnisher from marring the platinum jewelry.

O The 8000 grit polishing compound is especially formulated for polishing platinum jewelry. It provides a fast and bright final polish.

O Finally, get a dry soft cloth. Place the jewelry in the cloth and gently run it between the fingers.

You can read the further polishing processes in my document Ways to Polish Platinum Jewelry it’s got a full detailed explanation on the process to polish any Platinum Jewelry

Even if after following the above ways to polish your platinum jewelry, scratches appear, then get it polished and cleaned by a qualified jeweler, at least twice a year. One of the worth mentioning qualities about platinum is that, unlike other precious metals like gold, it merely gets displaced on the surface when it scratched, and does not decrease in volume. And this is why, even after being worn for many years, a platinum jewelry rarely gets thin.


A good student is always equated to one who gets good grades. But is that all that a good student is? What is a good student, really? Is he someone who is the teacher’s pet? Someone who aces every test? Someone who has the smarts? Someone who knows how to play his cards? A good student is all this and more. ‘Coz you see, it’s not just about books and rote learning any more. Being a good student takes much more than that. In that way, there are certain qualities that make him a good student. In the following article, that is exactly what we shall be looking into – the qualities of a good student. These will help you understand what a good student is and what are the qualities that one needs to inculcate in order to become one.

Characteristics of a Successful Student

“Successful” is a very misleading word. Many would want to equate it to being successful only in terms of studies, but it also encompasses other qualities. Let us look through these qualities of a good student in the following section.

  • Knowledgeable
  • Hard Working
  • Organized
  • Sincere
  • Work Smart
  • Able to Mold

A good student is not a good student only because he is good at studies, but also because he is an over all performer. With all these qualities, he is able to produce positive results in all fields of work that include sports, co-curricular activities and studies. The importance of these qualities is seen not only in the way they mold good students but also in the way that they are able to transcend good students into good citizens. And that is where their success lies. To read more about the fields which decide whether a student is good or not refer to my document Qualities of a Good Student, Try to improve on these fields and you will automatically be considered to be a good student.

When people decide to leave the comforts of their home and venture to other locations there is usually a reason behind it. Whether the cause to travel was a last minute whimsy or had an actual purpose, it makes one think about all of the reasons why people travel. Reflect on the last time you left your location and ventured to another one. Did it have a purpose behind it? Let’s look and see if your motive to travel matched any of the one’s listed below. These are not listed in any particular order.

  • Romance
  • Relaxation
  • Family/Friends
  • Religion
  • Death
  • Honeymoon
  • Education
  • Celebration
  • Medical/Health
  • Work

Overall, traveling can be a wonderful experience or it can be draining, expensive and just plain torture. Nonetheless if you need to go then embrace it for what it is, and try to make the best of it even if it wasn’t planned. The above mentioned points are explained in detail in my document 10 Reasons Why People Travel , Enjoy Travelling always. Adios.

Since the dawn of diving, there has been interest in capturing images of the remarkable ecosystems and animals of the sea. Although underwater photography was initially a complex process, advances in technology have seen it become an accessible, absorbing pastime.

Stills Photography

The advent of the digital age has seen an explosion in the popularity of underwater photography, with more and more divers creating images of their dives for posterity. However, producing good results consistently is a craft, and this is what separates the professional from the amateur photographer.

Camera Systems

Underwater camera systems for stills photography can be divided into two categories. The first consists of truly amphibious cameras that do not require a housing to be used underwater, and can also operate on dry land. The pioneering Nikonos V camera is a famous example of the type. Amphibious cameras often have interchangeable lenses, and are available in both film and digital formats. These highly specialized cameras feature oversized controls for ease of operation underwater.

Camera Housings

Both compacts and SLRs require a housing to protect them from water damage. These are normally made of plastic, though aluminum housings are also available for SLRs. Aluminum housings are strong and durable but expensive and bulky, and hide the camera within, making it harder to operate. Plastic housings are cheaper and allow you to see the camera, but can be less durable. They are especially vulnerable to scratches and abrasion.

Sounds fun right it definitely is to get the tips and techniques of underwater photography in more detail check my document Underwater Photography Tips and Techniques,  Enjoy underwater photography J, Thanks

Modelling is an exciting industry which attracts many brilliant, ambitious, creative, talented, committed and hard working people. It is a glamorous career in which you can earn lot of money, fame and reputation but you must have to fulfill certain requirements to attain the position of successful fashion model. You can come across many models, that have slender and elegant appealing shapes who are storming in various television channels and are exhibiting a great deal of poise. It is natural you might have wished that you could also become one. It is not just fame that creates an urge to become a model but the heavy bank balances of the aspiring model will be the main attraction.

As a career option it involves glamour, celebrity status, money and popularity. Modelling is something which is apart from the people’s imagination, where educational qualification becomes insignificant and physical attributes and personal qualities assume importance. As a first step you have to undertakes some personal research which analysis your strengths and weaknesses that can improve your prospects. A model must be almost perfect which can come in different shapes and sizes and if you can identify your flaws then it will be easy to develop your plus points. For example if your height is less than it is required you can make it out by maintaining your weight which must be in proportion to that.

Fashion models are usually undertakes strange diets and exercise regimes in order to maintain the required body proportions which are expected in their career. There should not be any scars or blemishes in the skin and it should be glowing and healthy. Teeth should not be in imperfect manner and the hair should be in healthy condition without any kind of damages or split ends. Apart from anything your smile can do half of the job and will fetch you more assignments. At last if you are confident, aggressive, intelligent resistant to peer pressure and patience to listen and learn anything you will be blessed with lot more opportunities which helps you to become successful model.

You need to get noticed by the genuine modeling agency that will manage your career for you and hopefully work for you. To get a more detailed view on the career aspects in fashion modeling read my document Fashion Modelling Careers. All the best with your career enjoy doing what you love.

It is very important to enjoy yourself when on a trip, whether it be for business or pleasure and you must not be constantly thinking about what you should or should not be doing. Instead the tips below are meant purely as a guide, for you to take some points from and others to leave all together.

Try to look as if you know where you are going, this may not be so easy if after all it is the first ever time in that country, but even still look confident as if you know.

Carrying maps around and looking perplexed, stopping to look at monuments or buildings, obviously shows that you are from out of town, and may attract the wrong type of attention.

Using travelers check, will always be helpful, as will using a credit card for any purchases made so that you can take advantage of the additional insurance offered.

Do NOT pull large amounts of cash out of your pocket. This will catch attention, no matter what country you are in. It sounds so silly, but it is amazing how many people pull out a mound of cash to buy some small item. I see it all the time in the States, and it always amazes me. There have been times when even I was tempted to follow the guy and …. (rest assured I didn’t ! )

Try to think about where you are going that day and carry sufficient cash for that and any unforeseen extras, plus a card. That should cover all you need and will limit any losses if anything did happen.

Do NOT accept drinks from anybody that you have just met, especially if in dubious surroundings or do not know, they could be laced with any type of concoction.

Try not to go on “wonderful trips” or to a “super shopping centre” rides with people who approach you in the street. This could lead anywhere, and will probably cost you a lot more than by taking a normal taxi. Ask your concierge or read through this site.

Check on your first day whether you need to reconfirm your next flight. If so, do it then. Some airlines do not require this anymore but it is still worthwhile calling them so that they at least have your contact details, in case the flight is delayed or whatever.

Do not carry your passport around. Leave it in the safe in your hotel. A photocopy will suffice if local law states that you need to.

For other do’s and don’ts during your travel stay refer to my document Stay Tips During Traveling. Enjoy your break without any worries. Thanks

Love is the most tantalizing experience. When two people are in love they don’t need anyone else but each other for fulfillment. Love birds often consider escaping to a place where they can spend time together with no one else to disturb them. Thus, the concept of romantic holidays has emerged.

So you must be wondering why one must have a romantic holiday. Well a romantic vacation doesn’t care for a cause, does it? You can always enjoy one just like that. But if you still care following are few reasons to consider a romantic vacation to the top romantic places next time.

When you are in love it is obvious that you would like to spend every moment of the day with that special person of your life. But often our busy schedules interfere with our love life. A romantic vacation is just the right solution to the problem when you can spend the entire day lying in the arms of your loved one. Sometimes love tends to fade with time and often long time married couples start missing the zing that they used to feel when they were young. Holidaying in the top romantic places would surely rekindle the spark between you and help releasing the tension between couples. You can also go to the same places where you had vacationed earlier for better results.

Top Romantic Places

Colmar in France
Paris, France
Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Venice in Italy
Vienna in Austria
Prague in Czech Republic
Barbados, Caribbean

Hope I get a chance to visit these cities soon. Check out my document 10 Most Romantic Places In The World for further detailed information on why the places mentioned above are in the top most romantic places of the world. Adios.